When I moved to Ohio, someone shared the saying with me, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute." Last Saturday, we enjoyed spring-like temperatures near 70. And, this

weekend...winter returns!

A dreary Ohio Saturday is the perfect excuse to come inside with us! This Saturday, we celebrate the return of some customer favorites - Simple Times Mixers, Patisserie Lallier, The Blueberry Patch and Proctor Center Farm; we'll be crafting Cynthia's Flowers that will be donated to patients at the Ja...

Fresh Picks from our Veggie Spy

Say, "Yes!" to Cress!

January is a great time to experiment with the many greens available from our farmers. One green find is cress (or land cress), a plant with small leaves and a peppery, spicy bold flavor. Cress can be cooked or eaten raw in salads. Although similar to watercress, it is a different plant. Cress is also loaded with Vitamins A and C. You can find cress at Jorgensen Farms, and they'll be happy to give you a free taste!

The following producers expect to h...

Fresh Picks from our Veggie Spy

Growing Veggies in January? Absolutely! 

A major supermarket chain recently launched a "Fresh" campaign to highlight their focus on fresh food for everyone. News flash! The Worthington Farmers Market has been offering fresh, locally produced food for over 30 years! And that includes produce grown in the winter.

How do our farmers do it? There are several techniques for extending the growing season,

even into the coldest of days here in Central Ohio. Greens and root vegetab...

Fresh Picks from our Veggie Spy

Don't be fooled by the calendar! There's still plenty of fresh local produce at the Market as we approach January. And, there are still interesting finds like Tokyo Bekana cabbage. This cabbage looks like leaf lettuce, tastes a bit like spinach and is ideal for salads and stir fry. 

Tokyo Bekana is one of a handful of veggies selected to be grown on the International Space Station as part of research into astronauts growing their own food in space. Why? It grows well in...

The Veggie Spy is on Vacation

The veggie spy returns next week...Just in time to help you discover the perfect veggies for those resolutions to eat more locally grown food in 2020!

What will YOU discover at the Worthington Farmers Market this week?!

#getfreshwithus #weproduce #worthingtonfarmersmarket #inworthington

Stocking Stuffers? Done!

Whether you're stuffing stockings or stuffing your oven with traditional holiday goodies, we can help you tackle that shopping list. Our farmers and artisan makers are...

The Veggie Spy is on Vacation

Our veggie spy has traveled over the woods and through the snow to warmer weather for a couple of weeks! In the meantime, there are still plenty of cool season veggies to enjoy at the Market this week.

Browse this handy guide of winter fruits and vegetables that are best enjoyed when they're at their peak during these short, cold days. Not all of these are grown in Ohio, but you'll find many - beets, kale, lettuce and celery root - at the Market this weekend!

Fresh Picks from our Veggie Spy

Special Mushroom Edition!

Although mushrooms are not veggies, they share many properties with veggies including versatility and nutritional value. That makes them honorary vegetables! Button mushrooms are what most of us familiar with, but there are at least 14 varieties of commonly used edible mushrooms. Mushrooms can be sauteed, grilled, used for soups or try adding them to your pot pies. Mushrooms have loads of antioxidants, B vitamins and fiber.

Check out Tiger Mushro...

Just a friendly reminder that there is no Worthington Farmers Market tomorrow, November 30 as our farmers, artisans and volunteers enjoy an extended Thanksgiving holiday.

Please join us, next Saturday, December 7, when our indoor season resumes at 9am, inside The Shops at Worthington Place!

Old Worthington Holiday Open House - This Sunday!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas all over Worthington! Bring the family to Old Worthington this Sunday afternoon, from 12pm-5pm, to explore the decorated w...

Thank you for the community, the collaboration, the time and the food we share, each week, through the Worthington Farmers Market. The memories made, the traditions begun and the friends that feel like family bring us together every Saturday and carry us through the weeks, months, years. From our fields and kitchens to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Lending a Hand - The Sippels

If you've enjoyed cheese from Kokoborrego Cheese Company or the beautiful vegetables from the Sippel Family Farm, then you've been...

Fresh Picks from our Veggie Spy

Be a Trendsetter - Try Senposai!

Senposai, developed in Japan, is a cross between regular cabbage and Japanese mustard

greens.The leaves look like collard greens, but they are larger and more tender, with a rich, savory taste. It's excellent for salad, stir-fry and pickling. Give it a try, and it just may become your favorite green! You can find senposai at Franklinton Gardens. And, if you have a yen for other Asian greens, check out Jorgensen and Tilley .


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