Worthington Farmers Market: August 27th

Ohio State Takes On Food Security "The problem is persistent. And it’s everywhere. Even though its impossibly large numbers are void of meaning for many: Fifty million Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from. In Ohio, 2 million people are hungry. And 21 percent of children here in Franklin County are food insecure. It’s a wall of hard truth, but there are windows. Over the next decade, Ohio State will invest nearly $125 million in food security, combatting this critical challenge from all disciplinary fronts as an integral element of President Michael V. Drake’s 2020 Vision for the university. The goal is big because the shroud of hunger is worn in every community, especial

Worthington Farmers Market: August 20th

Shake the Hand that Feeds You Dinner "The Shake The Hand That Feeds You Dinner has been one of the most highly anticipated events for food lovers around Ohio for years. This joyful evening of celebrating food tradition never fails to amaze. Dinner guests gather together with a spirit of conviviality to celebrate food diversity and experience the reality of good, clean and fair food. This year’s dinner on Saturday, Sept. 10 at 6 pm, will be different from the rest. In the past, we have brought diners to an area farm to better feel the direct connection with our food. The upcoming Shake the Hand That Feeds you will be hosted at a local food hub at the Columbus Produce Terminal — the distributi

Worthington Farmers Market: August 13th

National Farmers Market Week "What are you doing August 7 through 13? That’s National Farmers Market Week – a time to celebrate the farmers, ranchers and local food businesses, as well as the communities that support them. USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack has officially declared August 7 through August 13, 2016 as the 17th annual National Farmers Market Week, highlighting the key role that farmers markets play in bringing communities together around agriculture. And with more than 8,500 farmers markets around the country, there are lots of opportunities to celebrate!" Ohio Local Foods Week is in the review, and National Farmers Market Week has just begun! Join us at the Worthington Farmers' Market

Worthington Farmers Market: August 6th

Ohio Local Foods Week Ohio Local Foods Week has begun, and National Farmers Market Week is just around the corner! Join us at the Worthington Farmers Market this week and next to celebrate local food producers, community, educational health programs, and farmers markets. Below is a list of fun facts on Ohio Agriculture and links to more information on this and next weeks celebration! "Agriculture is Ohio’s number one industry contributing jobs for one in seven Ohioans, and more than $107 billion to the state's economy. ( Ohio ranks in the top ten states for direct sales to consumers represented by a wide variety of food products including but not limited to eggs, milk, cheese,

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