Worthington Farmers Market: August 26

Some Stinging Facts about a World Without Bees This week's newsletter comes from a friend and customer of the Worthington Farmers Market, Christy Erickson. Summer is the sweetest time of year for most of us. It's easy to see why. Days are long, sunshine and warm weather are abundant, and good times are never far away. Yet summer might sour on you pretty quick if you couldn't enjoy its delicious foods. Imagine a cheeseburger with no onions, pickles or tomatoes – or meat or cheese, for that matter. While you're at it, picture a salad with no cucumbers, a picnic with no watermelon, and a cherry tree with no cherries. Now imagine going to the store and finding the shelves bare. These scenes are

Worthington Farmers Market: August 19

The Worthington Farmers Market 30th Birthday Party was a SUCCESS! Thank you to all who have helped over the years to make this market so great. Market Sprouts will be in the information tent! Come check us out! Our vendors for Saturday, August 19th include (in both alphabetical and numerical order): 1 J-POPS 2 Oink Moo Cluck Farms LLC 3 Ohio Farm Direct 4 Wishwell Farms Produce, LLC 5 Wishwell Farms Produce, LLC 6 Colette & Frank's Gluten Free Goodness, LLC 7 Sweet thing gourmet 8 Crum Strawberry Farm 9 Saum Farm 10 Curly Tail Organic Farm 11 Oakleaf Farm 12 Oakleaf Farm 12.5 Kombu Tea 13 Farmhouse Herbs and Flowers 14 Purple Sage

Worthington Farmers Market: August 12

Worthington Farmers Market 30th Celebration To celebrate our 30 years of food, farms and community, and in advance of our big celebration tomorrow, we'd like to introduce our beautiful Worthington Farmers Market video. (Thank you so much Rooted Content for producing this!) Over the last few months we've introduced you to SaraBee Honey, Up the Lane Farm and Bak Pecan Rolls. Today, we introduce the entire Worthington Farmers Market! In 1987, two women studying Sustainable Agriculture at The Ohio State University decided on a PHD dissertion project. With permission from then City Manager Dave Elder, the Worthington Farmers Market was born. Today, the Worthington Farmers Market is a year-round,

It's Our Birthday Week!

Happy Birthday Worthington Farmers Market It just so happens that 2017 marks the 30th year for Worthington Farmers Market, and the 15th year of the Clintonville Farmers' Market! So, on August 12th at the end of National Farmers' Market Week, we are hosting a joint birthday bash. Here at the Worthington Farmers Market, we will host a Farm-to-You petting zoo, zucchini car time trials and guacamole demonstrations by Chipotle Mexican Grill. At Clintonville Farmers' Market, they will also have zucchini car time trials, face painting, a Chef Battle by the Cooking Caravan and live music by Freedom N' Folk Revival. And luckily, there will be a trolley running down High Street between the two markets

Worthington Farmers Market: August 5

Growing Right The Rise of Ohio’s Ecological Food and Farm Movement, 1970s-Now "The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association was founded in 1979 and is a grassroots coalition of farmers, backyard gardeners, consumers, retailers, educators, researchers, and others who share a desire to build a healthy food system that brings prosperity to family farmers, meets the growing consumer demand for local food, creates economic opportunities for our rural communities, and safeguards the environment." Check out the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Associations's "Growing Right" tent at the Worthington Farmers Market. To learn more about the Association, check out there website: Ohio Ecological Food and F

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