Worthington Farmers Market: July 28

Three Scientific Reasons Your Kids Don’t Love Their Veggies An article submitted by friend and shopper of the Worthington Farmers Market, Maria Cannon. If your children aren’t in love with vegetables, you’re not alone. Children have a propensity to pass on the vegetable serving in the majority, if not all, of their meals. As it turns out, they’re not just being stubborn -- there’s some pretty compelling research that suggests why. According to a study by the University of Pittsburgh’s Rose Gerber, kids don’t like vegetables for three scientific-based reasons. Let’s take a look at each and get some ideas to overcome them. Reason #1 Kids unwittingly turn to foods that give them lots of fuel. A

Worthington Farmers Market: July 21

Always In Season Ever wonder what's in season and for how long? Enter the Seasonal Food Guide! The Seasonal Food Guide is a free online tool and app that helps you find out what produce is in season in your state year round. Created by GRACE Communications Foundation, the Seasonal Food Guide website and Seasonal Food Guide iPhone ® and Android™ apps include the most comprehensive national database of seasonal food available in the US, with seasonal food information for each of the 50 states. Using data collected from the NRDC and state departments of agriculture and university extension programs across the US, GRACE’s team spent a year doing extensive research to learn when and where produce

Worthington Farmers Market: July 14

Today we're sharing a post from The Kitchn, 10 Etiquette & Shopping Tips to Help You Enjoy the Farmers Market. Do you love the market but find yourself occasionally confused or flustered by all the unknowns? Is it okay to sample or to ask a lot of questions? Can you bring your dog? Is this the best tomato of the day? Or maybe you avoid the market altogether because it just seems so insider-y? We love our farmers markets here at Kitchn, but we totally get it: Sometimes the experience can be challenging. So we decided to tap the experts at CUESA, the nonprofit organization that runs San Francisco's iconic Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, for their insider farmers market tricks and tips. ...we were

Worthington Farmers Market: July 7

Please join us for live demonstrations with Executive Chef Jeff Lindemeyer of The Avenue Steak Tavern in Historic Dublin at 9 AM and 11 AM. NOTE: Samples will be available starting at 9 AM until they run out. Demonstrations will not be an hour long, but short and interactive with Chef Jeff. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Market Wellness Doctor's Weekly Health Tip Visit the Market Wellness Doctor is space #75 outside of Dewey's Pizza Lifestyle Matters. How we eat, move, sleep and manage stress has an enormous impact on health and longevity. Health Tip #4: Eat Nuts Everyday Nuts add years to your

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