Hooray for Leap Day! An extra Saturday to enjoy the Worthington Farmers Market

Fresh Picks from our Veggie Spy Make Leap Day a Celebration With Carnival Squash! Did you know that Carnival was celebrated this month in Rio de Janeiro? And, we have more reason to celebrate this month with tomorrow's Leap Day! Join in the February festivities with carnival squash from the Market! This beautiful, multicolored winter squash will add to the fun factor of any meal. Carnival squash is a hybrid descendant of squashes native to Mexico and was first introduced in the 1990s. They are great additions to stews, curries, soups and veggie chili. Carnival squash can be substituted in any recipe calling for butternut or acorn squash. And, carnival squash is a good way to celebrate health

Tomorrow at the Worthington Farmers Market

Fresh Picks from our Veggie Spy Radishes are Back! It's been a while, but radishes have made a return to the winter Market! Everyone is familiar with this root vegetable that was originally domesticated in Asia. Radishes are an excellent source of fiber, vitamin C, folic acid and potassium. In fact, just one cup of sliced radishes has 22% of the required daily vitamin C intake. Radishes are also used as a remedy for stomach and intestinal disorders, fever, colds and coughs. And, radishes have just 1 calorie each - so eat up! Many varieties of radish grow incredibly fast; some mature in under 25 days. Gardeners have over 20 varieties of radishes to choose from, including the Sakurajima Giant

Have a Family Fun Day at the Worthington Farmers Market

Family Fun! We're not your garden variety farmers market! You may know the Worthington Farmers Market for being one of the largest farmers markets in Central Ohio. Or, maybe you think of us as your favorite place to buy your eggs. But did you know we're growing our family-friendly programming? Walk with a Doc at the Worthington Farmers Market Free and all ages and abilities-friendly! No sign-up needed. Walk With A Doc is a national, grassroots, non-profit organization with the goal of establishing a healthy lifestyle through movement. Join Worthington family medicine doc, Dr. Jen Hetrick, on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month for conversation, camaraderie and positive change! Meet at 8a

Keep on Snackin' at the Worthington Farmers Market

February is National Snack Food Month Did you know that February is a month-long opportunity to celebrate your favorite snack foods?! Yep - February is National Snack Food Month, and I for one will be celebrating by incorporating a variety of new and healthier snacks into my routine. The Veggie Spy, Dr. Matt (The Wellness Doctor) and Dr. Jen (Walk with a Doc) have all discussed the nutritional values and benefits of incorporating microgreens into a healthy diet. And, with a variety of microgreens available, year-round, at the Worthington Farmers Market, I decided to give 'em a try. Dan, at 9N Farm, had sunflower and pea shoots available last week. And, he's always willing to offer you a samp

It's a Super Saturday at the Worthington Farmers Market

Get Your Snack Game on this Super Saturday! Whether you're on Team Savory or Team Sweet, we've got your Super Bowl snacking spread at this week's Worthington Farmers Market! Eggs for deviling? By the dozen! Chorizo sausage for 7-layer dips? Done! Artisan breads for dippin'? Dough'nt you know it! Gourmet pizzas for sharing? Coming right up - Fresh-baked and faster than delivery! Root for the home team this Super Bowl weekend by shopping small and local at Saturday's Worthington Farmers Market! We're open every Saturday, all winter long, inside the Shops at Worthington Place from 9am-12pm. Fresh Picks from our Veggie Spy Want a Superfood? Avail Yourself of Kale! The rumors are true; kale is, i

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