Fresh Picks from our Veggie Spy

Special Mushroom Edition!

Although mushrooms are not veggies, they share many properties with veggies including versatility and nutritional value. That makes them honorary vegetables! Button mushrooms are what most of us familiar with, but there are at least 14 varieties of commonly used edible mushrooms. Mushrooms can be sauteed, grilled, used for soups or try adding them to your pot pies. Mushrooms have loads of antioxidants, B vitamins and fiber.

Check out Tiger Mushro...

Just a friendly reminder that there is no Worthington Farmers Market tomorrow, November 30 as our farmers, artisans and volunteers enjoy an extended Thanksgiving holiday.

Please join us, next Saturday, December 7, when our indoor season resumes at 9am, inside The Shops at Worthington Place!

Old Worthington Holiday Open House - This Sunday!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas all over Worthington! Bring the family to Old Worthington this Sunday afternoon, from 12pm-5pm, to explore the decorated w...

Thank you for the community, the collaboration, the time and the food we share, each week, through the Worthington Farmers Market. The memories made, the traditions begun and the friends that feel like family bring us together every Saturday and carry us through the weeks, months, years. From our fields and kitchens to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Lending a Hand - The Sippels

If you've enjoyed cheese from Kokoborrego Cheese Company or the beautiful vegetables from the Sippel Family Farm, then you've been...

Fresh Picks from our Veggie Spy

Be a Trendsetter - Try Senposai!

Senposai, developed in Japan, is a cross between regular cabbage and Japanese mustard

greens.The leaves look like collard greens, but they are larger and more tender, with a rich, savory taste. It's excellent for salad, stir-fry and pickling. Give it a try, and it just may become your favorite green! You can find senposai at Franklinton Gardens. And, if you have a yen for other Asian greens, check out Jorgensen and Tilley .


Fresh Picks from our Veggie Spy

Eat Your Spinach!

So, is spinach REALLY that good for you?

Yes it is! It's loaded with antioxidants, iron, calcium, and fiber and plenty more. If you didn't take your mom's spinach advice when you were a kid, now is the time to start! And, it is incredibly versatile. The Veggie Spy loves spinach in scrambled eggs and  stir fry. Did you know that light green spinach leaves are a tad sweeter than darker ones? Whatever the shade you desire, you can find spinach at Franklinto...

Fresh Picks from our Veggie Spy

Take a Peek at Leeks!

Leeks are related to onions, but are milder and more mellow. Braising or gently grilling them brings out a sweet and subtle flavor. Leeks are best known for their supporting role in soups, and they are also great for dips, salads, and pasta dishes. Visit Franklinton Farms to get a leek sneak peek! 

Remember the Market moves inside the Shops at Worthington Place THIS Saturday. There may be a chill in the air, but there is plenty of local produce...

Fresh Picks from our Veggie Spy

How Long Since You've Had Quince?

Most folks have never tried quince, and they are missing out! This unusual fruit is much better cooked than raw, and its high pectin content makes it ideal for jams and jellies. It works for pies, as well. Leave quince on a sunny windowsill, and it will slowly release a delicate fragrance of vanilla and citrus. You can find quince at Anderson Orchards.

Remember, the Market moves indoors to the Shops Worthington Place starting next Saturda...

Fresh Picks from our Veggie Spy

Raise Your Apple IQ!

Get your taste buds primed because we're in the height of apple season!

Unlike supermarkets, the Market has an enormous variety of apples, including some you may not be familiar with. Our Market apple vendors grow over 20 varieties, including these tasty finds:

Winesap are dense, sweet and very juicy. They get their name from their distinctive spicy

wine-like flavor. Check them out at Gillogly.

Enterprise are firm with a mildly tart and richly spicy fla...

Fresh Picks from our Veggie Spy

The Mighty Beet Is Quite a Treat!

This is the time of year when beets are plentiful. There are numerous varieties, including red, golden, white and chiogga or candy stripe, all of which are available at the Worthington Farmers Market. Their earthy sweet flavor means that beets are incredibly versatile. They can be used for salads, borscht, veggie burgers, fries, hummus, muffins, cakes and on and on! So "beet" a path down to the Market and stock up! Beets can be found at...

Fresh Picks from our Veggie Spy


After a one-week hiatus due to the annual Worthington Market Day, the Farmers Market and the Veggie Spy are back in action on October 5. Why not celebrate the return of the Market by going a tad outside your veggie comfort zone with these unusual finds?

Choy Sum is an Asian green that is completely edible - leaves, stems and even the pretty little yellow flowers! These greens, part of the Brassica family, are ideal for stir frying with garlic, rice wine and...

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