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  • Christine Hawks, Market Manager

Worthington Farmers Market Drive-Thru Pre-Order & Pick-Up This Weekend!

Veggie Spy

Ramp up the Flavor With Ramps!

Like all of us, the Veggie Spy is making adjustments to the new Market mode of operating and the pre-order and pick-up means there are plenty of veggies available!

Ramp season has just begun and are only available for a brief time. Ramps, also called wild leeks, are native to the Eastern US and are one of the first edible plants to come up in the Spring. Ramps take 5-7 years to be ready for harvest. For this reason, ramps at the Market are typically foraged by a producer whose property has woods with the rich soil where they grow.

Ramps have a strong aroma and bright flavor often compared to a combination of scallions and garlic. You can use ramps raw or cooked in any recipe calling for scallions or leeks. They work well in soups, pesto, jams, and can be fried up with just about anything. The green tops are milder in flavor and the bulbs much stronger. Ramps are high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Native Americans used ramps for many medicinal purposes, including treating stings with the juice from crushed bulbs. Fun fact - native tribes in what is now Illinois called ramps chicagoua. That term eventually mutated into "Chicago!"

Pre-order ramps from Blue Owl Emporium and Stonefield Naturals.

This Week's Fresh Picks:

Apples (Fuji, Pink Lady, Gold Rush, Golden Delicious)


Baby Lettuce Mix

Bibb Lettuce



Micro Greens & Shoots


Ramps - available from Stonefield Naturals and Blue Owl Emporium

Red Mustard


Blue Owl Emporium, Franklinton Farms, Gillogly Orchard, Rock Dove Farm, Stonefield Naturals, and Van Scoy Farms are taking orders for produce for pick-up on April 4! Use this link to access our complete producer directory to contact producers and place your pre-orders for pick-up on Saturday.


Thank you for supporting the farmers and producers of the Worthington Farmers Market! Our pre-order/pre-pay/drive-thru service is growing with new vendors and customers joining each week.

Provided COVID-19 restrictions do not expand, pre-order/pre-pay/drive-thru service will be available at the Worthington Community Center, Saturday, April 4, 10am to Noon.

Use our convenient Producer Directory to find and place your order(s) with 50+ local producers. Be sure to specify WFM Pick-Up and we’ll have your items bagged and tagged for quick and easy — and safe! — pick-up Saturday morning!

Producer Directory:

Tips for Success:

* Complete all orders online or by phone/email with individual vendors

* NO on-site transactions will be processed!

* Place 8.5" x 11" sign on dashboard


Picking Up From:




* Do not arrive before 10am or after 12pm

* ENTER ONLY via East Wilson Bridge Road. (Highland Avenue is for exit only)

* To maintain safe distancing, please keep passenger seat vacant (if possible)

* Volunteers, signage and traffic cones will help direct you through the process

* Pop your trunk — Please do not get out of your car!

* EXIT ONLY via Highland Avenue (connects to Route 23/Worthington-Galena Road)

* Expect 15-20 minute wait to receive your order

* Please be kind, courteous & patient

* We're all in this together, Ohio!

LOCATION: Worthington Community Center 345 East Wilson Bridge Road, Worthington OH

**Please enter the driveway at the East Wilson Bridge Road entrance** Customer Pick-Up Hours: Saturday, April 4, 10:00am — Noon

We are committed to supporting small businesses during this crisis and connecting customers to them. We are equally committed to the health and well-being of our producers, volunteers, staff and you, our customers. Social distancing and and safety and sanitation protocols will be in place for the duration of this event.


Need Home Delivery?

Browse the Home Delivery column of our Producer Directory for this option and contact vendors directly to make arrangements for yourself, family, and friends who are staying home right now.


The Market Doctor's Weekly Wellness Tip

COVID-19 update -- there may be some light at the end of this tunnel

A very small study has shown that the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine along with the antibiotic azithromycin decreased the nasopharyngeal levels of the SARS Co-V-2 virus in COVID-19 patients in just 3-6 days. Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) is also used to treat lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and it is relatively safe with infrequent serious side effects. Larger randomized controlled trials are currently underway in the US and China to confirm the effectiveness and safety of hydroxychloroquin and azithromyicin together to combat this worldwide assault.

As always, consult your personal physician before taking any new medications or treatments!

Stay the course. Learn something new everyday. We will get through this together.

Be well.

The Market Wellness Doctor

None of these statements should be construed as dispensing medical advice ,making claims regarding the cure of diseases,prevention or cure of any disease state.This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. They are solely the opinion of the Market Wellness Doctor. Please consult your physician regarding any specific medical symptoms or conditions. Please direct questions to the Wellness Doctor at Sources: 1),Dr. Rhonda Patrick,March 24, 2020.

The Worthington Partnership is pleased to announce that COhatch is furthering its investment in the Worthington community. Together the organizations will continue to drive initiatives to bring positive attention to the historic district, and support professional development and educational seminars for local merchants and business owners. The Partnership also will support soon-to-be-announced COhatch community events geared toward improving the lives of local residents.

COhatch will provide funding, hosting venues and people resources to help design and plan future programs for the community in collaboration with the Old Worthington Partnership. You will also see the COhatch airstream trailer, a multi-purpose office on wheels named "Mobi" at various events.

Thanks to COhatch for bringing energy and resources to Old Worthington! We are thrilled to work even more closely together to enhance the Old Worthington experience.

For more information, or questions related to any of our services, please contact us via email at

The Worthington Farmers Market is an event of The Worthington Partnership.

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