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  • Karen Chrestay, Assistant Market Manager

Be Kind & Mind the Deadline! Order Now for June 6 Drive-Thru/Pick-Up

Vendor deadlines vary throughout the day so order early for best selection. Go to our Producer Directory for contact information and pre-order instructions!

NOTE: For vendors not listed, go to our Producer Directory or visit their website and/or Facebook page for specific deadline and pre-order instructions.


Don't Forget Your Sign!

​​☑️ IMPORTANT! Before you arrive to pick up your order(s) at the Worthington Farmers Market Drive-Thru, be sure to place an 8.5" x 11" sign on the passenger side dashboard or right-side backseat window (not rear or trunk window!) with the following information:

This will help the Market Greeter direct you to the most efficient route through the market!


Veggie Spy

Shiitakes are Back!

Shittake mushrooms are once again available at the Market for pre-order and pick-up! Very popular in Japan, shiitakes have been cultivated in East Asia for over 2,000 years. They have a rich, meaty flavor that is very different from other mushroom varieties. The button mushrooms typically found in supermarkets seem bland by comparison. Although mushrooms are technically not vegetables (they are fungi) we are giving them honorary veggie status!

Shiitakes are high in fiber, copper (yes, your body needs that), and also have Vitamin D. In addition, they have compounds that may lower cholesterol. Shiitakes have long been used in traditional Chinese medicine. To store fresh shiitakes, put them in the refrigerator and cover them with damp paper towels. Pre-order shiitakes from Tiger Mushroom.

The Versatile Vegan is in the mood for something quick, easy, and delicious. Since shiitakes and bok choy are wonderful together, try this recipe for Braised Bok Choy with Shiitake Mushrooms ( And you can get bok choy from Franklinton Farms and Jorgensen Farms - what could be easier than that!

When Should You Order Produce Online?

We contact our produce vendors to find out what's available and when online inventory is updated. Please keep in mind that the days and times listed below are not ironclad; various factors can impact the timeline as well as produce availability. Happy shopping!

9N Farm - Online store updated Monday evenings, no later than 6pm

Franklinton - Online store updated Monday evening

Jorgensen - Online store typically updated by Tuesday morning

Kennedy - Online store updated by 8am Wednesday

Rock Dove - Online store updated by Tuesday morning

Tilley - Online store initial update Saturday at noon, additional updates throughout week

Wishwell - Online store updated daily, Saturday night thru Thursday night

Stay tuned as we add information for more produce vendors!

Fresh Picks for This Week: Apples (Fuji, Gold Rush, Golden Delicious), Arugula, Asparagus, Baby Italian Dandelion, Baby Red Beets, Bok Choy, Blueberries, Cabbage (Tokyo Bekana), Collards, Garlic Scapes, Herbs (basil, chives, cilantro, dill, mint, oragano, parsley, rosemary, tarragon), Kale, Kohlrabi, Komatsuna, Lettuce (baby, heirloom, bibb, romaine, blends, & others), Microgreens & Shoots, Baby Mizuna, Shiitake Mushrooms, Mustard Greens, French Breakfast Radishes, Red Mustard, Scallions, Spinach (baby, regular), Tomatoes, Turnips (Hakurei, purple top), Yukina Savoy

*** Note quantities are limited, so put your order in early! ***

These producers are taking orders for produce delivery on June 6:

9N Farm, Anderson Orchard, Blueberry Patch, Franklinton Farms, Gillogly Orchard,

Jorgensen Farms, Kennedy Farms, Rock Dove, Somerset Herbs, Tiger Mushroom, Tilley Farmstead, VanScoy Farms, Wishwell Farms

Go to our Producer Directory for contact information and pre-order instructions!


LOCATION: Worthington Community Center 345 East Wilson Bridge Road, Worthington OH

**Please enter the driveway at the East Wilson Bridge Road entrance** Customer Pick-Up Hours: Saturday, June 6, 9:00am — Noon

Our Producer Directory has been updated! Use it to find and place your order(s) with nearly 70 local producers. Be sure to specify WFM Pick-Up and we’ll have your items bagged and tagged for quick and easy — and safe! — pick-up Saturday morning!

Producer Directory:

Tips for Success:

Pick up your pre-orders like a pro by following these guidelines for our drive-thru market. For your health and ours, this is a minimal contact service.

☑️ First hour of the market, 9:00-10:00 AM, is reserved for seniors and immuno-compromised individuals AND customers picking up from just one producer.

☑️ Pre-order pick-ups only. NO sales or transactions onsite.

☑️ Hours are 9am-12pm. PLEASE do not arrive before the market opens!

☑️ Please reserve 9am-10am for those in vulnerable populations (seniors and immuno-compromised) and those picking up from a single producer.

☑️ ENTER ONLY from East Wilson Bridge Road

☑️ Please stay in your vehicle. Just pop your trunk and we'll load your purchases for you.

☑️ Place an 8.5" x 11" sign on the passenger side dashboard or right-side backseat window (not rear or trunk window!) with the following information to help us locate your order:

LAST NAME, First Name

Picking Up From:




☑️ Volunteers, signage and traffic cones will help direct you through the process

☑️ EXIT ONLY via Highland Avenue (connects to Route 23/Worthington-Galena Road)

☑️ Expect a minimum 15-minute wait to receive your order

☑️ Please be kind, courteous & patient. We're all in this together, Ohio!

We are committed to supporting small businesses during this crisis and connecting customers to them. We are equally committed to the health and well-being of our producers, volunteers, staff and you, our customers. Social distancing and and safety and sanitation protocols will be in place for the duration of this event.


SNAP Customers Direct Order Process

CABB Farms (Grassfed beef) - Please email to place your order.

Head to the Market Information table in Section 5 on Saturday and we'll process your Ohio Direction card for your order and deliver your meat right to your vehicle.

Honey Run Farm (honey, soap) - Please call (330) 763-4752 or email to place your order.

Head to the Market Information table in Section 5 on Saturday and we'll process your Ohio Direction card for your order and deliver your order right to your vehicle.

Kennedy Farms (Eggs)- Please email to request your code and place your egg order.

Head to the Market Information table in Section 5 on Saturday and we'll process your Ohio Direction card for your order and deliver your eggs right to your vehicle.

Franklinton Farms (Produce) - Call or text (614) 680-2381 to request your code and place your order. Payment will be processed by Franklinton Farms at the time of ordering. On Saturday, you'll pick-up directly from their booth (Section #2 - Produce), if driving. If biking or walking, enter from Highland Avenue, head to the Market Information table in Section 6 and we'll deliver your produce to you.

Please Note: We will be using barrier tables to maintain 6-foot social distancing between customers and our team. The volunteer or staff member will then set the retrieved items on the table for you to pick-up in accordance with our minimal contact service. All items must be pre-ordered and pre-paid.


Need Home Delivery?

Did you know nearly 40 WFM vendors offer home delivery? Browse the Home Delivery column of our Producer Directory for this option and contact vendors directly to make arrangements for yourself, family, and friends who are staying home right now.


Additional Services Available at The Market

Find Jim Allen, The Market Sharpener, in Section 5. Drop off your scissors, knives or garden implements and he will return them to you at next week's market, or you can make arrangements for home delivery.

For our customers that walk or bike to the market, please wear a mask during your visit, and enter only from Highland Avenue. Let a volunteer or staff member at Section 6 - Pantry know your name and the producers from whom you have ordered, either verbally or with a sign, and a "runner" will retrieve those items from the producers.


The Market Wellness Doctor

Magnesium (Mg) along with Vitamin D May Result in Chronic Wellness!

Magnesium is an essential mineral found in foods like legumes, chocolate, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and green leafy vegetables. Magnesium is essential for hundreds of different enzymes in our bodies to be able to function. Magnesium is necessary for greater than 300 hundred metabolic reactions including energy production (ATP formation), bone formation, muscle and nerve conduction and cell signaling.

Deficiency may occur with malabsorption, alcoholism, hyperparathyroidism, renal disorders (wasting), diabetes, diuretics, digoxin or high doses of zinc. Low Mg may result in muscle weakness/spasm, constipation, depression, hypertension, arrhythmias, hypocalcemia (low calcium), hypokalemia (low potassium) or personality changes.

Coronary artery atherosclerosis (heart disease) the number one killer in the world is directly associated with the buildup of plaque due to calcification of the arteries that provide oxygen and nutrients to the heart. A 2014 study found that as magnesium intake increases, coronary artery calcification (heart disease) decreases and as Mg intake decreases, heart disease increases.

Most adults get less than the 420 mg daily recommended intake of magnesium from the foods they eat. Studies indicate that people with the highest daily magnesium intake are 58% less likely to have heart disease than people with the lowest intake.(1)

Additionally, as we have talked about in previous articles, many adults are deficient in vitamin D. Magnesium has been shown to be essential for vitamin D utilization. It is estimated that approximately 1/3 of adults are magnesium deficient. Even if we are supplementing vitamin D, if we have insufficient levels of Mg, our bodies cannot properly utilize the vitamin D, increasing the risk of calcification of the hearts' blood vessels and increasing the risk of heart disease.(2)

Be well. See you at the drive thru market soon!

The Market Wellness Doctor

None of these statements should be construed as dispensing medical advice ,making claims regarding the cure of diseases, prevention or cure of any disease state.This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. They are solely the opinion of the Market Wellness Doctor. Please consult your physician regarding any specific medical symptoms or conditions. Please direct questions to the Wellness Doctor at

Sources: 1) Magnesium intake associated with reduced risk of coronary artery calcification, FoundMyFitness <, May 29, 2020, Dr. Rhonda Patrick PhD; 2) Low magnesium levels associated with impaired vitamin D metabolism,FoundMyFitness <, May 29, 2020, Dr. Rhonda Patrick PhD


Helpful Tips for Using Our Producer Directory

Find producer order deadlines in Column G of our Producer Directory. Click the "G" at the top of the page to highlight the column, select "Data" from the toolbar, then "Sort A-Z" from the dropdown menu (or Z-A, if you prefer) to group by deadline.

You can also sort the directory by any other single column -- Business Name, Primary Products, Home Delivery -- to alphabetize or group like information. Same as above, just click the letter label at the top of the column to highlight, select "Data" then "Sort A-Z"

For tiered or multi-column sorting, highlight the entire directory by clicking on the upper left corner of the grid (small blank box at the intersection of Row 1 and Column B), select "Data", then "Sort Range". Check ☑️ "Data has header row" and specify the columns you want to sort.

Here's an example of what the directory looks like after a 3-tier sort specifying Primary Products, Farm/Business Name, and Order Deadline:


Thank You for Your Support!

We appreciate your understanding and especially your patience as we continue to evolve and expand our capacity to serve more customers and bring in more producers and more products. We are working diligently with local and state agencies to adjust our operations to comply with required safety protocol and best practices to maintain the health of everyone involved with the Worthington Farmers Market.


The Worthington Partnership is pleased to announce that COhatch is furthering its investment in the Worthington community. Together the organizations will continue to drive initiatives to bring positive attention to the historic district, and support professional development and educational seminars for local merchants and business owners. The Partnership also will support soon-to-be-announced COhatch community events geared toward improving the lives of local residents.

COhatch will provide funding, hosting venues and people resources to help design and plan future programs for the community in collaboration with the Old Worthington Partnership. You will also see the COhatch airstream trailer, a multi-purpose office on wheels named "Mobi" at various events.

Thanks to COhatch for bringing energy and resources to Old Worthington! We are thrilled to work even more closely together to enhance the Old Worthington experience.

For more information, or questions related to any of our services, please contact us via email at

The Worthington Farmers Market is an event of The Worthington Partnership.

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