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Celebrate Farmers Markets! "Walk Your Bike." Welcome CocoCat! Protect Our Most Vulnerable.

Day, Week, Month — Farmers Markets Are Cause for Celebration!

August 8 is national “Happiness Happens” day -- and farmers markets are definitely happy-happening places! It’s also “Sneak a Zucchini on Your Neighbor’s Porch” day (LOL).

August 2-8 is National Farmers Market Week.

And August is National Peach Month.

Worthington Farmers Market producers are here to help you celebrate in style! We’re wrapping up National Farmers Market Week with a gorgeous day and a bounty of fresh locally-grown produce and delicious locally-made goodies. From Farm/Kitchen to Market to Table, farmers markets promote an efficient, safe, and tasty supply chain.


Taking Care of Vulnerable Populations

8-9am is reserved every Saturday morning for our high-risk shoppers — elderly, immuno-compromised, pregnant, or caregivers of high-risk patients.

If you do not meet these criteria, please visit the market between 9am—Noon and allow the most vulnerable in our community to shop during this time specifically reserved for them.

Thank you.


Bike In, Bike Out — “Walk Your Bike” Thru

Biking to and from the Worthington Farmers Market is fun and a great way to exercise and enjoy the fabulous weather we’re having right now, but for safety’s sake, please don’t bike through the market. Use the designated entrance and exit and “walk your bike” as you shop or park it near the information tent/entrance.


Welcome CocoCat Bakery & Chocolates!

The reviews are in and it is unanimous — you like CocoCat! And with good reason — beautiful, decadent truffles in amazing flavor combinations, hand-dipped fruits, brittle, baked goods, chocolate cats!, and more.

Stop by booth #42 and welcome them to the Market and pick up a tasty treat for yourself.

CocoCat Bakery & Chocolates devotes a portion of their proceeds to support cat rescue efforts in Central Ohio.


Parking at the Farmers Market

When visiting the Worthington Farmers Market at our new location, 450 W. Wilson Bridge Road, please park only in the designated Market Parking and Market Parking Overflow lots, as noted on the map below.

We share parking with the building tenants and their customers. Please do NOT park in the lot reserved for tenants and their customers, on the grass, or in the fire lanes.

And please observe the Handicapped Parking signs!

Thank you!


You Like Us, You Really Like Us!

Thank you Columbus Monthly readers for voting the Worthington Farmers Market “Best of in 2020!”

Help us earn national kudos — and cash prizes — by voting for us in the American Farmland Trust’s farmers market celebration!


Veggie Spy

When Is a Tomato Not a Tomato? When It's a Tomatillo!

Like tomatoes, tomatillos  are in the nightshade family, but they are a different species entirely. They look like bright baby green tomatoes with a husk, but they are very different. Tomatillos have a vibrant, tart flavor with a citrus zing. The texture is less watery than a tomato and a bit spongier.  They can be eaten raw but typically are cooked to lower the acidity and concentrate the flavors.

Tomatillos have been cultivated for thousands of years in Central and South America, and were a staple in ancient Mayan and Aztec communities. Today, tomatillos are often associated with Mexican cooking, especially salsa verde (green sauce) which is used in many Mexican dishes. It is also common in salsa and even fried green tomato style. They are also ideal for grilled and spicy dishes. To store tomatillos leave the husk on, put them in a plastic bag, and keep it in the crisper.  Expand your tomato horizons and check out tomatillos at Toad Hill Farm!

The Versatile Vegan suggests you get some tomatillos and make homemade salsa. Try this recipe ( and you may never go back to store-bought salsa! Plus, you can get many of the ingredients  (jalapeno, garlic, cilantro) right at the Market.  Also, try this quick and easy recipe for a flavorful, healthy white bean and tomatillo soup:

Fresh Picks This Week: Apples (Gold Rush), Arugula, Baby Italian dandelions, Beets, Blackberries, Blueberries, Broccolini, Cabbage, Carrots (baby white, orange), Celery,

Collards, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Garlic, Garlic Scapes, Green beans (also yellow, purple, haricot verts, Roma), Herbs (basil, chives, cilantro, dill, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, tarragon), Kale (dino lacinato, Siberian), Kohlrabi, Komatsuna, Leeks, Lettuce (baby, heirloom, bibb, romaine, blends, & others), Melons, Microgreens & shoots, Onions (candy, white, mini-purple, sweet), Peaches, Peppers (bell, jalapeno), Potatoes, Radishes (French breakfast), Scallions, Shiitake mushrooms, Squash, Sweet Corn, Swiss Chard, Spinach (baby), Tomatoe (heirloom, cherry), Tomatillos!, Turnips (Hakurei, Purple Top),  

Zucchini  *** Note quantities are limited ***


Handy Tools to Help Plan Your Market Visit

Safety Video: An informative and entertaining review of our Covid-19 health and safety protocols.

Interactive Map: Find your favorite vendors with just a click!

Producer Directory: Find pre-order instructions and contact information for participating vendors. Producer Directory

Market Rules: We've adopted Covid-19 safety protocols as set forth by the Governor's Office, Ohio Department of Agriculture, Columbus Public Health Department, Ohio Farmers Market Network, and the City of Worthington. Read all about it at Market rules.

Market Maps: Easy guides for parking and shopping! Market Maps

Find them all on the Worthington Farmers Market website!



The Worthington Partnership is pleased to announce that COhatch is furthering its investment in the Worthington community. Together the organizations will continue to drive initiatives to bring positive attention to the historic district, and support professional development and educational seminars for local merchants and business owners. The Partnership also will support soon-to-be-announced COhatch community events geared toward improving the lives of local residents.

COhatch will provide funding, hosting venues and people resources to help design and plan future programs for the community in collaboration with the Old Worthington Partnership. You will also see the COhatch airstream trailer, a multi-purpose office on wheels named "Mobi" at various events.

Thanks to COhatch for bringing energy and resources to Old Worthington! We are thrilled to work even more closely together to enhance the Old Worthington experience.

For more information, or questions related to any of our services, please contact us via email at

The Worthington Farmers Market is an event of The Worthington Partnership.

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