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Count In, Count Out. Discover Herbs! Tour Aisle 2 - Baked Goods. Keep Off Grass. Aug 30 Fair Food!

We Count On You — Twice!

Our producers and makers and the entire Worthington Farmers Market community appreciate your patronage. Thank you for continuing to support Ohio farmers and artisans during the pandemic by showing up every Saturday and following our safety protocols.

Count In, Count Out: Please enter and exit the Market ONLY at the designated single points of entry and exit. Volunteers are stationed there to count patrons as they enter and exit the Market. The health department has advised that establishing and maintaining capacity limits, as well as one-way foot traffic, is the best way to ensure compliance with social distancing and other Covid-19 safety measures while visiting the Market.

Please don’t attempt to enter or exit the Market by crossing over the perimeter landscape barriers. We need everyone to use the designated entrance and exit so accurate guest counts can be maintained — coming and going. Thank you!


Veggie Spy

Herbs Galore!

Don't miss the fresh herbs when you're browsing the market! Herbs add color and flavor (and excitement!) to dishes and are in the culinary toolbox of all chefs.  Every ethnic cuisine has several commonly used herbs to bring out its unique flavors. And herbs have been treasured for their medicinal value since the Middle Ages. Today we know that herbs have a wealth of polyphenals, plant compounds with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

You'll find a wide variety of herbs at the Market including Italian basil, cilantro, dill, mint, rosemary, and thyme. Some producers sell herb plants in pots so you can grow your own. Here are some tips for cooking with fresh herbs:

Papalo is a Central American herb not often found in the US. The flavor has been described as a combination of cilantro, lime, and nasturtiums (an edible flower). Others say it is a cross between cilantro, arugula, and rue. Let's just say it has an unusual, complex, and distinctive flavor.  When pioneering chef Alice Waters first came upon papalo in 1999, she was so taken with it that she purchased every seed packet she could find for her restaurant garden! Papalo can be used as a substitute for cilantro, but note it is MUCH stronger than cilantro.  It works well in salsas, salads, sandwiches, tacos, guacamole and plenty more! Check out Paplalo at Franklinton Farms

Lemon Balm is a member of the mint family that has a bright, citrusy taste with hints of mint and sweetness.  Lemon balm tea is used by some to treat stress and upset stomachs. On the culinary front, it can be used in drinks, salads, vinaigrettes, and even desserts like lemon tea cookies. This Honey Lemon Balm Spritzer recipe is perfect for summer! Pick up honey for the recipe at  Honeyrun Farm and SaraBee Honey!

Find lemon balm plants at Foraged and Sown.  And while you're there, check out their Herbal Salts that have interesting flavors like lemon spicebush. Herbalicious! 

There are dozens of types of basil, and an interesting one is Greek Columnar Basil.  Its lush green leaves grow in upright columns as tall as 3 feet, meaning it can be grown in small spaces. It typically doesn't flower, so the leaves retain their flavor for a longer time.  Greek columnar basil has a rich flavor with hints of cinnamon, allspice, and cloves, plus a bit of sweetness. It can be used where you would use sweet basil. This basil enhances most vegetables, pasta and seafood dishes. It's also excellent for soups and stews.

Get your Greek columnar basil plants at Zemnicki Farms.

Fresh Picks This Week: Apples (Gold Rush), Arugula, Baby Italian dandelions, Beets, Blackberries, Blueberries, Broccolini, Cabbage, Carrots (baby white, orange), Celery, Collards, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Garlic, Garlic Scapes, Green beans (also yellow, purple, haricot verts, Roma), Herbs! (basil, chives, cilantro, dill, lemon balm mint, oregano, papalo, parsley, rosemary, tarragon), Kale (dino lacinato, Siberian), Kohlrabi, Komatsuna, Leeks, Lettuce (baby, heirloom, bibb, romaine, blends, & others), Melons, Microgreens & shoots, Onions (candy, white, mini-purple, sweet), Peaches, Peppers (bell, jalapeno), Potatoes, Radishes (French breakfast), Scallions, Shiitake Mushrooms, Squash (multiple varieties), Sweet Corn, Swiss Chard, Spinach (baby), Tomatillos, Tomatoes (heirloom, cherry), Turnips (Hakurei, Purple Top), Zucchini  *** Note quantities are limited ***


Clean Up in Aisle 2!

. . . and by “clean up” we mean you can clean-up on the best Baked Goods in Central Ohio! Breakfast, lunch or dinner -- Aisle 2 features sweet and savory, and oh so yummy, breads, pastries, doughnuts, cookies, cakes, gluten-free goodies, DIY mixes, and more. Delicious spreads, butters, jams & jellies are here, too. We’ve even got chocolate!

Vendors in the Baked Goods aisle include:

A Few of My Favorite Things, Bailey’s Drive-Inn Doughnuts, Batter & Bowl, Coco Cat Bakery & Chocolates*, Colette & Frank’s Gluten-Free Goodness, Dana Lee’s Bakery, FromagerieOhio, JNA Bread Bakery, Lucky Cat Bakery, Made Without Grain*, The Mochi Shop*, Shell Dust Nut Butters, Sweet Thing Gourmet, Tulip Cafe, Tupelo Doughnuts, Weed Knob Acres and Waffle Hub.

*Look for these vendors at future markets!

Did you know this is National Elvis Week?

(Be still my heart!) Find everything you need to create a PB&J fit for "the King" in Aisle 2!

Next week, we continue our aisle-by-aisle tour of the Market in Aisle 3 — Produce!

Remember, there is one entrance and one exit and all aisles have one-way traffic. Stay the course and you won't miss a single delicious thing!


Parking at the Farmers Market

When visiting the Worthington Farmers Market at our new location, 450 W. Wilson Bridge Road, please park only in the designated Market Parking and Market Parking Overflow lots, as noted on the map below.

We share parking with the building tenants and their customers. Please do NOT park in the lot reserved for tenants and their customers, on the grass, or in the fire lanes.

And please observe the Handicapped Parking signs!

Thank you!


Save the Date!

Who is missing fair food this year? Well, mark your calendar for Sunday, August 30, 11am-7pm, and join The Worthington Partnership for a Tribute to Fair Food. Lots of participating merchants in the historic district. Follow our event A Tribute to Fair Food!


Don’t Tread On Me . . . the grass, that is!

As mentioned above, we need all Market visitors to use the designated entrance and exit in order to keep accurate capacity counts. We also ask your cooperation in respecting the property and the investment the owners have made in landscaping and site maintenance by not crossing over the perimeter barriers or medians between the aisles. We are guests here — please help us show our appreciation for the generosity and hospitality that has been extended to the Market by not walking on the grassy areas.


Handy Tools to Help Plan Your Market Visit

Safety Video: An informative and entertaining review of our Covid-19 health and safety protocols.

Interactive Map: Find your favorite vendors with just a click!

Producer Directory: Find pre-order instructions and contact information for participating vendors. Producer Directory

Market Rules: We've adopted Covid-19 safety protocols as set forth by the Governor's Office, Ohio Department of Agriculture, Columbus Public Health Department, Ohio Farmers Market Network, and the City of Worthington. Read all about it at Market rules.

Market Maps: Easy guides for parking and shopping! Market Maps

Find them all on the Worthington Farmers Market website!



The Worthington Partnership is pleased to announce that COhatch is furthering its investment in the Worthington community. Together the organizations will continue to drive initiatives to bring positive attention to the historic district, and support professional development and educational seminars for local merchants and business owners. The Partnership also will support soon-to-be-announced COhatch community events geared toward improving the lives of local residents.

COhatch will provide funding, hosting venues and people resources to help design and plan future programs for the community in collaboration with the Old Worthington Partnership. You will also see the COhatch airstream trailer, a multi-purpose office on wheels named "Mobi" at various events.

Thanks to COhatch for bringing energy and resources to Old Worthington! We are thrilled to work even more closely together to enhance the Old Worthington experience.

For more information, or questions related to any of our services, please contact us via email at

The Worthington Farmers Market is an event of The Worthington Partnership.

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