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It's Melon Season! Give Eggplant a Try. NEW Market Water Bottles! Have You Seen the "Scoop Mobile?"


It's Summer Market Season! Saturdays - 8am to Noon

The Worthington Farmers Market is OUTDOORS along High Street between SR161 and South Street!

Summer market hours, 8am to Noon, May through October.


This Week's Participating Vendors

*Note: This list is current as of publishing. Producer participation may change after this list has been published based on availability of products, weather and other unplanned circumstances that may cause them to be absent.

Find our interactive market map here:

Summer market hours, 8am to Noon, May through October.


Veggie Spy & Versatile Vegan

Get to Know Eggplant!

Eggplant (or aubergine in some circles) is now abundant at the Market. Producers offer American, or standard globe eggplant, which has the familiar tear-shape and is dark purple. Also available is Japanese eggplant, which are longer and thinner. Standard globe eggplant is meaty and suitable for slicing and grilling, or roasting whole. The thinner Japanese eggplant work well in stir fries

Eggplant is thought to have first been cultivated in China or India about 4,000 years ago. In the 15th and 16 centuries, many Europeans referred to eggplant as mad apples” because they believed it would drive one insane. African slaves first brought eggplant seeds to North America. Thomas Jefferson had them planted in his gardens but didn’t know what to do with them. Eggplant became more popular starting in the 19th century when immigrants from Italy brought them to the US. Eggplants are popular in Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Italian, and Greek cuisines.

Get eggplants at Somerset Herbs, Riverwood Farms, Raber Organics, and Oakleaf Farms.

The Versatile Vegan points out you can have eggplant for every meal! Start your day with eggplant bacon in this Vegan BLT or some other form. Zaalouk is a Middle Eastern eggplant dip similar to baba ghanoush, but with tomatoes added. Try this vegan Moroccan inspired Zaalouk for lunch. And top off your eggplant-mania day with a classic French Ratatouille! It’s loaded with peppers, tomatoes, squash, and other ingredients you can get at the Market.

Other Finds

Get your blueberries at the Blueberry Patch and Gillogly Orchards. Franklinton has blackberries, Gillogly Orchards has plums, and Raber Organics has watermelons. Tomatoes and peppers are at multiple producers. Rock Dove and Somerset Herbs have shishito peppers. Several producers have potatoes, including Oakleaf Farms who carry fingerlings. Nine 9 Farm has haricot verts, a long, slender green bean popular in France. Get okra at Raber Organics and Nine 9 Farm. Sweet corn can be found at Saum’s Family Farm and Raber Organics. Have you ever grown ginger? Get some ginger plants from Mayapple Farms and give it a shot!

Franklinton also has aronia berries sweet potato greens, and napa cabbage. Tilley Farmstead also has carrot and leeks. Raber Organics also has cauliflower, squash blossoms, and romaine lettuce.

Producers have the following available this week. In some cases, items may sell out before the Market ends.

Apples, Arugula, Basil, Beets, Blackberries, Blueberries, Broccoli, Broccolini, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Chives, Collards, Corn, Cucumbers, Currants, Escarole, Frisee, Garlic, Garlic Greens, Garlic Scapes, Gooseberries, Green Beans, Green Onions, Herbs - various, Kale, Kohlrabi, Leeks, Lettuce, Greens mixes, Microgreens & shoots, Mushrooms – multiple varieties, Onions, Parsley, Peas – sugar snap and snow, Peppers – sweet, bell, shishito, serrano, Potatoes, Radishes, Spinach, Squash – patty pan, yellow, Swiss Chard, Tomatoes, Turnips, Watermelon, Zucchini .


Market Mercantile

NEW Worthington Farmers Market/Worthington Partnership Green Team refillable water bottles are now available for purchase at the Market Information Booth located at the corner of High St. and New England Avenue in front of the Graeter's/House Wine parking lot!

Priced at just $10, the bottles are perfect for refilling at the water station on the Southwest Village Green and they make great gifts for your favorite market shoppers!

Many thanks for the generous support of SWACO in helping to produce the bottles!


Producer News

Blue Jacket Dairy

Lemon Quark is Back!

Visit Blue Jacket Dairy in Booth #72 in the Graeter's/House Wine parking lot at the corner of High St. and New England Ave.

Scoop O' Granola

It's official . . . the "Scoop Mobile!"

Find Scoop O' Granola in Booth #64 in the Graeter's/House Wine parking lot at the corner of High St. and New England Ave.

Sippel Family Farm

You guys!!! The RedFree (Macintosh) are ready and they are beautiful!

I think we had good luck with the hot dry spell keeping disease and pests at bay.

These will be at the Market this Saturday!

Find Sippel Family Farm in Booth #57 at the northeast corner of High St. & New England Ave.


Music at the Market

Olde Village Barbershop

9:00am - Noon

Eric Spain

Classical Cello

Born Worthington resident, attending the Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of music for cello.

United Methodist Church - South

9:00am - Noon

Tip House

Acoustic Guitar

Tip House is a long-time central Ohio musician and guitar maker, featuring vocals and lead guitar in bands such as 71 South , The House String Band and WryGrass.

His original songs tell the stories of a colorful world populated by veterans, scoundrels, crooked businessmen, jilted lovers, and roadside apparitions.

United Methodist Church - North

9:00am - Noon

Chip Woods

Acoustic Guitar

A charming blend of 60s, 70s and 80s folk rock. Scattered with original compositions that are fun and up tempo!!

Jet's Pizza

9:00am - Noon

Sean Perry

Irish Fiddle, Classical Violin

I'm a 21-year-old solo Irish fiddler and classical violinist. I've been playing for roughly 17 years. My repertoire primarily consists of Irish tunes, with some classical sprinkled in. Everything that I play is within the public domain.

Southeast Village Green

9:00am - Noon

LULU & Co.

Novelty Ragtime Band

Featuring Susan on xylophone, LULU & Co. includes the talents of Amelia DuPlain, Joseph Krygier, Mario Marini and Ben Shaheen. In addition to utilizing mallet keyboard instruments such as xylophone and marimbas, a variety of other sounds find their way into LULU & Co. performances including drums of multiple varieties and numerous hand-held percussion accessories. Additionally, LULU & Co. has been known to feature a chorus or two on a toy piano as well as a virtuosic solo on a duck call!


What's Growing in Ohio?


Food Truck - Ajumama

Chef Laura Lee and the Ajumama food truck are back this Saturday with her signature Korean street food creations. Breakfast fan-faves include the Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich with Pleiades Maple Products maple syrup glaze (with or without a fried egg) and Bulgogi Hash.

Open 8:00am to Noon, the truck will be parked in front of US Bank on the east side of High Street between the Rock Dove Farm and Gillogly Orchard booths. Open 8am-noon!


Community Table

This Saturday, meet our friends from the Harding-Buller Foundation of Worthington! Through their generous grant funding, the Worthington Farmers Market and the Linworth Experiential Program collaborated this year to grow the Linworth School Community Garden. More than 45 pounds of fresh produce harvested from the garden has been donated to the Worthington Resource Pantry this summer.

The Harding-Buller Foundation of Worthington (HBFW) continues the legacy of identifying and reducing the unmet mental health needs of our communities focusing on the whole self. Since the establishment of the Harding-Evans Foundation in 1959, the Foundation has been a trailblazer in supporting educational advancements in mental health including nutrition, wellness, treatments, and patient care. Today the foundation continues its legacy of social well-being by empowering individuals to live a spiritual, holistic, and healthy lifestyle focusing on “Your Whole Self.”

Visit Harding-Buller in Booth #14 on the west side of High Street near Highline Coffee and between the Oink Moo Cluck and Wishwell Farms booths.

Boundless Health

Founded in 1980 as Franklin County Residential Services, we have grown from a modest, centralized organization into a dynamic family of nonprofits engaged with I/DD and behavioral health communities across the state. From residential support and vocational habilitation to primary care and behavioral health, our approach to whole-person care celebrates each individual and empowers them to become active participants in the communities where they live, work, and play.

The Boundless mission is to build a world that realizes the boundless potential of all people. Everything we do is in furtherance of that mission and shaped by our values of love, respect, empowerment, excellence, and well-being. We are constantly looking for ways to better serve the I/DD and behavioral health communities.

Visit the Boundless Health in Booth #1 on the Southwest Village Green.


BYOWB -- Bring Your Own (Water) Bottle

While visiting the market this Saturday, The Worthington Partnership and The Worthington Partnership Green Team invite you to use the new public water fountain and bottle filling station installed on the Southwest Village Green. It even has a designated fountain/bowl for dogs!

Our team is excited to offer this sustainable resource to help reduce the number of plastic water bottles used in Worthington that add to the landfill.

Thank you to the City of Worthington Government for supporting us on this sustainability project and thank you to The Worthington Partnership Green Team for working so hard to raise the funds to make it happen!

Don't forget to "BYOWB" on Saturday. Bottled water will no longer be sold at the market information booth.


Made From the Market

Welcome to "Made From the Market" featuring recipes, photos, tips and techniques from customers, vendors, staff and volunteers highlighting the use of seasonal market products and the producers who grow and make them.

Just perfect for summer blueberries, LAST week's recipe, Blueberry Clafoutis, comes from long-time loyal market shopper, John Vizcarrondo. We're posting it again since we forgot to include a picture of the gorgeous finished dish . . .


  • ½ cup all-purpose flour (use gluten-free 1:1 flour if you want a gluten-free clafoutis)

  • 4 large eggs

  • 2/3 cup sugar

  • 2 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract

  • ¼ teaspoon salt

  • 1 cup heavy cream

  • 2/3 cup half and half

  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter

  • 2 generous cups of Worthington Farmers Market blueberries, rinsed and well drained (find blueberries at Gillogly Orchard, Toad Hill Farm, The Blueberry Patch and Mayapple Farms)


  • Heat oven to 425 degrees. When oven reaches temperature place a 10-inch cast iron skillet or an oven-safe pie plate in the oven. Let it heat for about 15 minutes. If using a pie plate it is best to place it on a baking sheet for maneuverability.

  • In the meantime, whisk eggs, sugar, vanilla, and salt in large bowl until smooth. Whisk in flour until smooth. Whisk in cream and half&half until well incorporated.

  • Remove skillet or pie plate from oven (watch out: very hot!) and set on safe surface. Add butter and swirl to coat bottom and sides. The butter will melt and start to brown quickly. Pour batter into skillet and arrange fruit in your favorite design. Depending on the density of the fruit some might sink.

  • Return skillet/pie plate to oven and bake until the clafoutis puffs and turns golden brown with the edges a darker brown. This will take about 25 – 30 minutes. I usually set a timer for 10 minutes, rotate the clafoutis. Set it for 10 again, rotate it again and the set it for 8 and see how it looks when the timer goes off. If you have a direct read thermometer insert in the middle and see if you get at least 198 degrees. That’s my minimum target. The clafoutis will puff up and then fall.

  • Transfer skillet or pie plate to rack and let it cool half an hour. You can sprinkle the clafoutis with confectioners’ sugar, if that fits your design.


The ratio of eggs, dairy, and flour will determine the firmness of the custard. You’ll see other recipes without the half and half; they just use plain milk. I invite the reader to experiment and see what results they get.

Send Us Your Recipes!

We want to hear from you about what you're cooking and the market products you're using to make healthy and wholesome AND decadent and indulgent dishes for your friends and family!

  • Send us a recipe (your own or link to a published one)

  • Include a photo or two of the finished dish

  • Be sure to identify the market products you used (photos welcome!)

  • No recipe? No problem. A brief description of the overall process is just fine.

  • Include your contact info (email or text preferred)

  • Send to

  • Deadline: By Noon on Wednesdays

  • Publication: Up to 3 submissions each week

So, who's up next? We'd love to hear from you!


Save the Date!

  • Third Thursday Every Month!

  • Wednesday, August 12, 2023


Pick Up After Your Pooch

Poop, it happens. Follow Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District ‘s program and P.U.P. (Pick Up Poop) then pop the poop in the LANDFILL side of our downtown waste collection bins.

Because poop is a contaminant when it comes to recycle collection. And could lead to the entire recycling collection being sent to the landfill.

But isn’t it natural? Shouldn’t I leave it to fertilize the soil?

Your pet does not eat a natural local diet. Their waste washes into the storm drains and “Dog waste contains nitrogen and phosphorus, which can deplete oxygen that fish and other water-based life need to survive, as well as encourage the growth of harmful algae.

It is also considered a significant source of pathogens like fecal coliform, a disease-causing bacteria” (


The Worthington Farmers Market is an event of The Worthington Partnership.

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