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June 13 Walk-Up Market Returns! New Location with All Your Favorite Vendors

COVID-19 Update:

Get Fresh with Us at Our New Walk-In Location!

Beginning on Saturday, June 13, the Worthington Farmers Market will transition from a drive-thru/pick-up to a walk-in market. We invite you to safely shop fresh and local with us at our new temporary location at: 450/500 W. Wilson Bridge Road in Worthington.

Walk-In Market Begins: Saturday, June 13 and will be held every Saturday morning

Open Hours: 8am-12pm*

*8am-9am: Reserved for customers in high-risk populations (senior citizens and immune compromised). Customers are REQUIRED to wear facial coverings during this first hour to protect our most vulnerable visitors.

9am-12pm we welcome all shoppers. Facial coverings are strongly encouraged to help keep our market vendors, volunteers and staff healthy.

Temporary Location: 450/500 W. Wilson Bridge Road. There is on-site customer parking conveniently located across the driveway from where the market will be set-up. There will be no drive-thru or bike-thru service. Pedestrians only in the market space, please.

This location has been selected to allow us to abide by state and local guidelines which include limiting entry to the market and a one-way loop around the market to ensure proper social distancing between shoppers. Unfortunately, these two conditions could not be met in our usual downtown location. We will return to historic old Worthington when we can safely do so.

Please familiarize yourself with our Market rules and Market layout to help you plan your visit to the Worthington Farmers Market.


Pre-Order Still Available!

Yes! You can still pre-order and pick-up at our walk-in Market! We are re-opening this Saturday as a walk-in Market at our new, temporary location at 450/500 W. Wilson Bridge Road. If you have placed a pre-order with a producer, you can walk-in and pick up your order at this location this Saturday, AND you can browse and purchase on-site, too. To place your pre-orders, visit our new and improved Producer Directory, developed by the volunteers at Can't Stop Columbus!

Vendor deadlines vary throughout the week so order early for best selection. Go to our Producer Directory for contact information and pre-order instructions!


COVID-19 Shopping Guidelines

Though things are a bit different operating during the Coronavirus pandemic, you're invited to "Get Fresh with Us" and shop safely at the largest farmers market in Central Ohio!

First and foremost, if you or a family member is sick, please stay home! We're open all summer!

Market Hours:

  • 8am-9am: Reserved for high-risk and vulnerable shoppers (senior citizens, immune-compromised, etc.) Masks are REQUIRED when shopping during this first hour to protect our most vulnerable customers.

  • 9am-12pm: All shoppers are welcome and we strongly encourage you to wear a facial covering in support of the health of our vendors, volunteers, staff and other customers.

  • Market producers, volunteers and staff will be wearing facial coverings during all open Market hours.

New, Temporary Location:

Until restrictions ease, the Worthington Farmers Market has re-located to 450/500 W. Wilson Bridge Road in Worthington.

Limited Entry:

Entry to the Worthington Farmers Market will be limited to keep everyone safely and socially distanced. Please be patient if we have reached capacity. You can enter the Market as soon as another customer finishes their shopping and exits. So, please be mindful of other shoppers that may be waiting on you to finish your shopping so they may enter the market.

Mind the Gap - Keep 6' Back!

Please maintain 6' of distance between yourself and our volunteers, vendors and other customers at all times.

No Pets Allowed:

Please leave your furry companions at home.

Please enjoy your purchases...after you leave the Market:

No sampling of products and no eating or drinking inside the Market space.

Look with your eyes, not with your hands:

Only touch the products that you intend to buy. Or, allow the farmer or food maker to select your products for you. They know when a melon is ripe and a peach is perfectly sweet and juicy!

One-Way Traffic:

Follow the one-way route through the Market. Pedestrian traffic only.

Pre-orders Welcome!

Pre-orders are still accepted and encouraged! You may place your orders with individual producers using our new and improved Producer Directory created by Can't Stop Columbus. Once your order is placed, just walk-thru and pick-up on Saturday morning.

Pre-ordering is ideal for customers who want limited exposure to crowds, have mobility restrictions or compromised immunity, prefer the convenience and efficiency of online ordering or those that want to guarantee the availability of the product they want by ordering in advance.

SNAP/EBT and Produce Perks:

You SNAP and we Match! If you are shopping with your Ohio Directions Card, please visit the Market Information booth upon entering the Market, and we'll swipe your card and issue your tokens.

Cash and Credit Card Payments Accepted:

Check with the individual producer to determine their preferred method of payment. Not every producer accepts all forms of payment. $5 Market token sales are temporarily suspended. For customers that need cash, there are three banks located in the parking lot of the Shops at Worthington Place on the way to the Market location.

Customers that have previously purchased tokens and gift certificates can spend those like cash when purchasing from vendors.

It's All About the Fresh & Local Groceries:

Music and related entertainment, Market Sprouts, “Where’s Penny”, cooking demonstrations, food trucks, etc. have been suspended until restrictions have eased.

We appreciate your support, cooperation and patience as we re-open the Market!


Limited Supply of Strawberries!

Cooler spring temperatures and lots of rainy days have slowed strawberry production, so there will be a limited supply of strawberries at the June 13 market. Shop early or pre-order for best results. Now that warmer weather is here, you can expect to see more sweet juicy berries in the coming weeks!


Veggie Spy

Kohlrabi: Funny Name, Funny Look, and Great Eating!

Let's start with what kohlrabi is not. It is not a root vegetable, and despite the fact that the name comes from "cabbage turnip" in German, it is not a turnip. Kohlrabi grows as a globe just above ground with its leaves straight above, giving it a hot air balloon appearance.  The exterior can be green or purple, and the interior is a very pale yellow. The exterior is tough and hard to digest, so be sure to peel it before eating the good stuff inside!

When you eat the interior you'll enjoy a mild, slightly sweet flavor and a pleasant crunch. It's ideal raw in salads,  and can also be boiled, steamed, sauteed, roasted or fried. It has plenty of fiber and also loads of vitamin C, vitamin B6, and potassium.  Around 1200 years ago Charlemagne (aka Charles the Great) ordered all the lands that he ruled to grow kohlrabi. Take his lead and enjoy kohlrabi this week by pre-ordering from 9N  Farm or Franklinton Farms!

Despite June 13 being National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day (google it!), the Versatile Vegan suggests you brush up on your grating skills and make this refreshing Kohlrabi and Carrot Slaw. And you can pre-order white baby carrots from Jorgensen and the cilantro from Rock Dove! If you are feeling more ambitious, give this Kohlrabi Schnitzel a shot.

Fresh Picks for This Week

Apples (Fuji, Gold Rush), Arugula, Asparagus, Baby Italian dandelions, Bok Choy, Blueberries. Baby Carrots, Collards, Frisee, Garlic Scapes, Herbs (basil, chives, cilantro, dill, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, tarragon), Kale, Kohlrabi, Komatsuna, Lettuce (baby, heirloom, bibb, romaine, blends, & others), Microgreens & shoots. Shiitake Mushrooms, French Breakfast Radishes, Scallions, Senposai, Swiss Chard, Spinach (baby, regular), Tomatoes, Turnips (Hakurei, Purple Top), Yukina Savoy

Look for these produce vendors at the June 13 market: 9N Farm, Anderson Orchard, Blueberry Patch, Franklinton Farms, Gillogly Orchard, Jorgensen Farms, Kennedy Farms, Rock Dove, Somerset Herbs, Tiger Mushroom, Tilley Farmstead, Van Scoy, Wishwell 



The Worthington Partnership is pleased to announce that COhatch is furthering its investment in the Worthington community. Together the organizations will continue to drive initiatives to bring positive attention to the historic district, and support professional development and educational seminars for local merchants and business owners. The Partnership also will support soon-to-be-announced COhatch community events geared toward improving the lives of local residents.

COhatch will provide funding, hosting venues and people resources to help design and plan future programs for the community in collaboration with the Old Worthington Partnership. You will also see the COhatch airstream trailer, a multi-purpose office on wheels named "Mobi" at various events.

Thanks to COhatch for bringing energy and resources to Old Worthington! We are thrilled to work even more closely together to enhance the Old Worthington experience.

For more information, or questions related to any of our services, please contact us via email at

The Worthington Farmers Market is an event of The Worthington Partnership.

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