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  • Worthington Farmers Market

LAST Indoor Market! Treat Your Pet & Go Nuts! Breakfast with Underworld Feast. Best of the 'Bus 2023


Winter market hours are 9:00am to Noon

The Worthington Farmers Market is INDOORS, November 2022 through March 2023, at The Shops at Worthington Place, 7227 N High St, Worthington, located on the northwest corner of US23/High St. and W. Wilson Bridge Road, near the I-270 interchange.


LAST Indoor Market!

This Week's Participating Vendors

Find our interactive map here:

LAST Indoor Market!


Veggie Spy & Versatile Vegan

Pamper Your Furry Friends & Go Nuts!

Get Your Four-Legged Companion a Treat at the Market!

Although almost all the food items at the Market are for humans, don’t forget your dog and/or cat as you shop! The first stop of your pet treat tour should be Pawson’s Dog Treats. Their small batch, hand crafted treats use simple ingredients like peanut better and pumpkin. Plus, they have bandanas for your classy canine!

Cat lovers should visit Blue Owl for their catnip toys and dried catnip herb. And your little critter may appreciate Paw Balm from Honeyrun Farm. Another option for dogs is dehydrated tilapia skin treats (that’s right!) from Kingdom Fish. Their dog, Chester, tests every batch for quality!

Let’s Get Nutty!

Nuts are a great way to get plenty of protein and nutrients in a small and tasty package. Nuts and products with nuts are aplenty at the Market! Tulip Café has Turkish pistachios and hazelnuts, which have distinct flavors that differ from the types commonly found in the US. At Shell-Dust, they are all about peanut and almond butter, and their offerings include chocolate peanut butter! Speaking of chocolate (which I recommend you do daily), Miam’s Toasted Hazelnut dark chocolate bars are loaded with whole hazelnuts. Their small-batch, craft chocolates are sure to please!

If you are pining for sweet nutty treats, try the Maple Covered Cashews or Pecans from Pleiades. And then visit Dawn Bakes for Pistachio and Cherry Almond macarons, which are delicate little sandwich cookies with a crunchy outside and various fillings. Next, try Caramel Pecan Biscotti from Shepard Baking. And the nut brittle from Sweet Liberty is not to be missed!

The market is fortunate to have two small artisan, batch granola producers where you can get nutty. La Dolce Nola’s Buckeye variety has both peanut butter and peanuts! Scoop ‘O Granola will be out until the April 1 Market, and then you can enjoy their Pecan Maple variety!

Veggie Update

Franklinton Farms will have cabbage, and the Versatile Vegan recommends you try some along with garlic from Foraged & Sown to make this Vegan Cabbage Fried Rice. Or try these Cabbage Pistachio Chips. Where the recipe has “Natural Kernels”, use pistachios from Tulip Café!

Producers have the following available this week. In some cases, items may sell out before the Market ends.

Apples, Cabbage, Chives, Cider, Claytonia, Collard Greens, Herbs - various, Kale, Lettuce, Microgreens & shoots, Mushrooms – multiple varieties, Parsley, Pears, Radishes – multiple varieties, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Turnips


Made From the Market

Welcome to "Made From the Market" featuring recipes, photos, tips and techniques from customers, vendors, staff and volunteers highlighting the use of seasonal market products and the producers who grow and make them.

From Underworld Feast: The combination of puya pepper and hibiscus flowers in our The Morningstar salsa creates a unique flavor combination. Depending on your preference, you can enjoy it as either a sweet salsa or a spicy jam. Perfect to explore new ways to eat your bagels . . . from Wootown Bagels, of course!

For more delicious recipes, visit their website at:

We want to hear from you about what you're cooking and the market products you're using to make healthy and wholesome AND decadent and indulgent dishes for your friends and family!

  • Send us a recipe (your own or link to a published one)

  • Include a photo or two of the finished dish

  • Be sure to identify the market products you used (photos welcome!)

  • No recipe? No problem. A brief description of the overall process is just fine.

  • Include your contact info (email or text preferred)

  • Send to

  • Deadline: By Noon on Wednesdays

  • Publication: Up to 3 submissions each week

So, who's up next? We'd love to hear from you!


Producer News

Crust X Crumb Bakehouse

We’re back @worthingtonfarmersmarket this weekend and are planning on some new items. Be sure to get there early! You also have until the end of the day to pre-order your sourdough pizza Dough-To-Go.

Blue Owl Garden Emporium

Make room for mushrooms! Blue Owl Garden Emporium spring mushroom inoculation workshare is here! The mushroom workshare is a learning experience on Blue Owl's forest farm in the Granville area. Learn the process by doing it hands-on and "earn” credit towards a grow-your-own-mushroom log: for every log you inoculate for the farm, you earn $5 towards purchasing your own log at a discount; inoculating 11 logs gets you a free log ($50 value). Visit the Blue Owl Garden Emporium website: Scroll down on the home page for available dates and email Janell to pre-register for your preferred dates.


SNAP/EBT & Produce Perks

When you shop with SNAP/EBT at participating farmers markets, you can get up to $25 extra (in the form of tokens like these) to spend on fruits and vegetables! Just stop by the information booth and use your SNAP/EBT to purchase tokens. To learn more about how it works, visit and to find a participating location, visit


Best of the 'Bus 2023!

Voting for CityScene's 2023 Best of the 'Bus Awards is officially open! Give your favorite restaurant, arts organization or face of Columbus your support.

Nominations remain open through April 15 and winners will be announced with our July/August issue of CityScene. Like and follow us on social media (Facebook and Instagram) to stay up to date on everything Best of the 'Bus 2023.

Vote Here: Best of the 'Bus 2023!

Hoping for a repeat? Check out the 2022 winners! In the meantime, sign up for WeekendScene to keep up with the best of Columbus every week.


Save the Date!

  • Saturday, April 1, 2023, 9am - Noon

The Worthington Farmers Market goes OUTSIDE!

(Summer hours, 8am - Noon, begin May 6, 2023)

  • Saturday, April 12, 6pm

Taft's beer + North Country Charcuterie sausage = the perfect combination!

With your ticket you'll get a flight of 4 different beers perfectly paired with 4 sausages (around 4oz each). This is a guided pairing! Employees from Taft's and North Country Charcuterie will walk you through the flight. Learn more about how the products are made and why we picked the exact pairings! Be the first to know about our upcoming events! Sign-up for our e-news here:

  • Saturday, April 22, PreCycle Day, 9am

  • Saturday, May 6, 8am - Noon

Worthington Farmers Market Summer Hours Begin!

  • Saturday, May 6, 8am - Noon

  • Monday, May 8, 6:30-8:00pm

Worthington Partnership Green Team, Native Plants Gardening for Life


The Worthington Farmers Market is an event of The Worthington Partnership.

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