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We're Indoors! Winter Produce Finds. 4 New Vendor Previews! Knives Up - Quick! Pumpkin Compost.


November 5, 2022, 9am - Noon

The Shops at Worthington Place

INDOOR Winter Market Starts November 5!

The Worthington Farmers Market moves INDOORS, November through March, at The Shops at Worthington Place, 7227 N High St, Worthington, located on the northwest corner of US23/High St. and W. Wilson Bridge Road, near the I-270 interchange.

Winter market hours are 9:00am to Noon!

The Market will be CLOSED:

November 26, 2022

December 24, 2022

December 31, 2022

January 7, 2022


This Week's Vendor Participation

Please Note: This vendor list is based on currently available information. Vendor participation may change without notice due to emergency, weather, staffing, or other unforeseen circumstances.


2022-23 Indoor Market Map


Preview Day!

Inferno Feast Salsas

Inferno Feast is a mom & son company that started because our friends and family insisted for years on selling our homemade salsas.

The base inspiration behind our branding comes from a nickname our family gives my mom. Her name is Lucia and when she gets angry we call her Lucifer, which is the name of one of our first salsas. From that, we started stemming similarly named salsas that sort of fit the theme. We realized that we had five different solid salsa flavors that we would offer year-round and we had the idea to offer a seasonal salsa. The theme and branding behind our company then became clear, we took inspiration from Dante Alighieri's book Inferno, having nine levels of hell. So now we offer nine uniquely flavored salsas throughout the year.

Inferno Feast salsas are small-batch, hand-crafted, Mexican artisan salsas. Each salsa is prepared using a different Mexican pepper and taste so you can experiment with different recipes. Our team cooks each salsa with fresh, unique, and traditional ingredients to ensure each salsa is as awesome as possible.

The Local Grind

The Local Grind is an Herbal Apothecary and Natural Skincare business. Based out of Gahanna, OH - we sustainably and organically grow our herbs in our beautiful backyard garden to harvest and produce all our products. We believe in harnessing the benefits from plants to support us in our daily lives. All our products are small-batch, handcrafted by Katie Camacho, with loving intentions spread in every product.

Love Letter Chocolates (Miam Cake)

Miam specializes in couture cakes , macarons & bean-to-bar chocolate. From opera singer to pastry, Scarlett Kilzer is known for her sugar work with a focus on French pastry. Miam caters weddings and events, making wedding cakes and chocolate tables.”

bean-to-bar chocolates

Our bars are made from scratch, a bean-to-bar process with our own hands. We roast cocoa nibs to perfection, add organic sugars and cacao butter, then grind the ingredients down to a smooth and silky consistency. Like wine, we cure our chocolate then mold the bars and add inclusions like dried fruit, nuts and nibs. It’s a fun and rewarding process.

Our selections include:

  • Nib & Sea Salt

  • Lemon & Orange

  • Goat’s Milk & Cherry

  • Autumn Spice

  • Trinitario & Currant

  • French Espresso

Madelyn’s of Granville

Madelyn’s is a woman-owned and operated business that specializes in making unnoticeably gluten-free and vegan pastries. Madelyn’s is passionate about creating alternatives that are as delicious, if not more, than traditional baked goods and made of high-quality ingredients. Every product is made and packaged fresh in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen, so you can be confident that what you’re about enjoy is 100% gluten-free and 100% delicious.


Come Early for Eggs!

Farm fresh eggs are undoubtedly one of the most popular market products. Arriving early helps ensure you find them -- and especially as the weather cools and egg production slows. In order to consistently lay eggs, hens need about 16 hours of daylight and 8 hours of darkness when they're roosting. Once less than 12 hours of daylight is available, egg production decreases considerably.


Community Table

Worthington VFW Post 2398

The red poppy is a nationally recognized symbol of sacrifice worn by Americans since World War I to honor those who served and died for our country in all wars. It reminds Americans of the sacrifices made by our veterans while protecting our freedoms. Wear a poppy to honor those who have worn our nation's uniform.

Find the VFW Poppy booth near the south entrance by the Mall Directory sign (between Talbot's and Panera).


Producer News

Sitara's Sweets by Kat

Hello everyone! The time has come to place your Thanksgiving pre-orders!!!! I will have items available for pick up the Saturday before Thanksgiving at the Worthington Market from 9-12 noon, or after 3pm that same day in Marysville. I will have limited pick up options for Thanksgiving week, so if you want to pick up your items closer to Thanksgiving, order quickly.

Orders can be placed by sending me a Private message on my business page. I'm taking orders for all items, not just my specials, but I've listed my specials below. Please note one major change from last year, all Pies and Cakes require pre-payment in advance before your order will be confirmed. You can pay at an earlier market or I take venmo/cash outside of the market.

The Market Sharpener

Get your knives ready for holiday carving -- EARLY!

Bring 'em in November 5 or 12.

The Market Sharpener will be closed November 19 through January 28, returning February 4.

Seven Acre Farm

Have costumes you or your kids won’t wear again? How about a dress-up bin that’s overflowing?

Consider donating them! Seven Acre Farm will be collecting gently used costumes and accessories this Saturday at the Worthington Farmers Market for Girl Scout troop 6219’s Bronze Award project.

Don’t forget that the market will be from 9-12 IN THE WORTHINGTON MALL beginning this weekend. See you there!


Compost That Pumpkin!

Pumpkins are not accepted in your yard waste because the seeds do not always rot in the average temperatures of a regular compost pile. Pumpkins will sprout anywhere the resulting soil is used. Commercial compost reaches higher temperatures and the seeds rot into nutrient rich soil. As a fruit a pumpkin is accepted in The Compost Exchange commercial compost collections.

Remember though, no paint, no candle stubs, and no other foreign materials! Add your pumpkins to your curbside pick up or drop off at the Compost Exchange stand at the Worthington Farmer’s Market.

Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio - SWACO also has drop off locations in participating cities.


Veggie Spy & Versatile Vegan Are Back!

Celebrate the Indoor Market with Sweet Potatoes!

On November 5, the Market moves indoors to the Shops at Worthington Place, and it’s a great time to enjoy sweet potatoes! Although we tend to associate sweet potatoes with Thanksgiving, their taste, versatility, and nutrition profile make them a great veggie anytime! In fact, sweet potatoes are the 6th most common food crop in the world, with 90% grown in Asia. And they are not just for eating; in Japan sweet potatoes are used to make a fermented beverage called shochu.

Sweet potatoes are thought to have been domesticated 5,000 years ago in Central America and may be our oldest root vegetable. Columbus found them to be popular among the natives in the West Indies and introduced sweet potatoes to southern Europe where they became very popular. They were popular in Colonial America as well. In the late 19th century famed agricultural scientist George Washington Carver, whose was born into slavery, created over 100 different products from sweet potatoes including a glue for stamps and an alternative to corn syrup. Hardy, adaptable, and able to produce quickly from just a few roots, sweet potatoes are now grown around the world!

Sweet potatoes are often confused with yams, but they are unrelated. Yams are originally from Africa and are starchier and larger. Sweet potatoes are also unrelated to regular (aka “Irish” or white) potatoes. White potatoes are carbohydrate storage reservoirs for the plant whereas sweet potatoes are roots with more complex nutrients. Sweet potatoes are in the morning glory family and their flowers are like the morning glory.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) includes sweet potatoes in their list of top ten best foods. They are ranked even higher than broccoli! One cup of sweet potatoes contains more than all the vitamin A you need for a day, half the vitamin C and almost half the manganese. Sweet potatoes are also a good source of potassium and fiber. As with other bright-colored veggies, they are high in antioxidants that reduce inflammation and have other benefits.

Sweet potatoes can be baked broiled, fried, roasted, steamed, or stir-fried. Sweet potatoes get sweeter if they are first stored, or “cured”. Ask the grower about getting maximum sweetness from your purchase! You’ll find sweet potatoes at 9N Farm, Franklinton Farms, and Raber Family Organics.

The Versatile Vegan likes the modestly named The Best Roasted Sweet Potato recipe, and confirms it is darn good! Several producers have greens like arugula and spinach. Combine them with sweet potatoes for this tasty Miso Soup with Sweet Potatoes and Greens. Finally, try making this Southern style Vegan Sweet Potato Bread – yummy!

Other Finds

Franklinton Farms has celeriac, the root of a celery plant. It has a bit of celery flavor and an earthy taste. They also have leeks, several types of radishes, and zucchini. Several producers still have tomatoes. 9N Farm has shallots. Raber Family Organics has broccoli, cauliflower, purple cabbage, and brussels sprouts.

Mayapple Farms has an array of mushrooms as well as garlic and ginger. Rock Dove has carrots and radishes. Toad Hill has large beets, broccolini, and onions. Along with multiple varieties of apples, Gillogly has apple cider, pears, apple seconds.

Note that several producers including Gillogly and Raber will be outside in the south parking lot of The Shops at Worthington Place.

Producers have the following available this week. In some cases, items may sell out before the Market ends.

Apples, Arugula, Beets , Bok Choy, Broccoli, Broccolini ,Cabbage, Cider, Carrots, Collards , Brussels sprouts, Celeriac, Cucumbers, Garlic, Ginger, Herbs - various, Kale, Leeks, Lettuce-various types and mixes, Microgreens & shoots, Mushrooms, Mustard Greens, Onions, Pears, Peppers, Potatoes, Radishes, Spinach, Squash butternut, delicata, yellow, Scallions, Senposai, Sweet Potatoes, Swiss chard, Tomatoes, Turnips, Yakina Savoy, Zucchini


Need Cash? Buy Tokens!

Small, local producers working on thin margins sometimes forego credit cards to avoid the fees. If you don’t have cash, head to the Information Booth where you can buy $5 wood tokens with a credit or debit card. All the vendors take them, they give change back in cash, and the tokens never expire. There is a $1 dollar transaction fee, regardless the amount.

SNAP/EBT Customers: use your Ohio Direction or Ohio P-EBT card to earn FREE Produce Perks to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables and food-bearing plants!


Save the Date!

  • Saturday, November 5, 2pm (Register at:

  • Saturday, November 5, 10am - 2pm

  • Sunday, November 27, 12-6pm, Holiday Open House

  • Wednesday, December 7, 6-9pm


Masks Are Optional

Effective Thursday, March 10, the Worthington city ordinance that required masks in indoor public places has been lifted. Facial coverings are now optional throughout the City of Worthington.

We will have a limited supply of masks available at the Market information desk (located at the corner of S. High Street & New England Avenue in front of the Graeter's Ice Cream and House Wine parking lot), should you wish to wear one while visiting the Market.

We will continue with our other proactive measures to help reduce the spread of illness including having hand sanitizer available throughout the Market and increased spacing between producer booths.

If you have a fever or are feeling ill, we ask that you please stay home.


Invest in Your Community

Do you love our farmers market? We are powered by a non-profit organization that largely relies on donations to fund our operations. Please consider donating to help us reach our goal. You can do a one-time donation or even set up a monthly donation to help us keep our market going strong. Click here for the link to donate:


The Worthington Farmers Market is an event of The Worthington Partnership.

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