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  • Worthington Farmers Market

Welcome, The Buckeye Lady! Early Bird Gets the Eggs. Asparagus for the Win! Ready, Set, Plant.


Outdoor Summer Season is Here! 8:00am to Noon

The Worthington Farmers Market is OUTDOORS along High Street between SR161 and South Street!

Summer market hours, 8am to Noon, May through October.


This Week's Participating Vendors

*Note: This list is current as of publishing. Producer participation may change after this list has been published based on availability of products, weather and other unplanned circumstances that may cause them to be absent.

Find our interactive market map here:

Summer market hours, 8am to Noon, May through October.


New Producer!

We are so excited to welcome The Buckeye Lady to the Worthington Farmers Market!

The Buckeye Lady is home of the stuffed buckeye, Columbus' original stuffed buckeye. The Buckeye Lady offers over 75 varieties of the classic candy of Ohio and carries 4-5 crowd pleasing varieties on the mobile cart and a weekly seasonal variety!

Find the Buckeye Lady on the Southeast Village Green in Booth #89 for the remainder of the summer season.

The Buckeye Lady storefront is located 2 miles south of Worthington at 4493 N High St. Columbus, OH 43214 in Clintonville.


Food Truck - Biscuit Boss!

Congratulations to Casey and the entire Biscuit Boss team on their 2-year business anniversary!

They'll be celebrating at this Saturday's Worthington Farmers Market with some customer favorites including the new, spicy pork rinds (my new fav!), decadent banana split French toast bites and the "That's My Jam" biscuit stuffed with bacon, egg, white cheddar, arugula, sunflower microgreens from Seven Acre Farm and blackberry sage jam from Urban Spreads!

The truck will be parked in front of US Bank on the east side of High Street between the Rock Dove Farm and Gillogly Orchard booths. Open 9am-noon!


Music at the Market

Olde Village Barbershop

Abby Storms

Ukulele covers of folk, indie, pop, and country songs. My style is soft music and singing. I have been playing ukulele for 3 years and singing my whole life.

Post Office Lawn

Chip Woods & Paul Graham

Acoustic guitar duo performing Americana music from the 60s, 70s and 80s, including folk, blues, country, bluegrass, and rock music genres.

United Methodist Church

Doug Scoles

I play authentic Italian, German, French & Mexican accordion music. I also play American Jazz Standards.

Jet's Pizza

Sean Perry

I'm a 21-year-old solo Irish fiddler and classical violinist. I've been playing for roughly 17 years. My repertoire primarily consists of Irish tunes, with some classical sprinkled in. Everything that I play is within the public domain.

Southeast Village Green

Tristan Buie-Collard

A talented singer-songwriter, musician, and performer hailing from Texas, Tristan's first language was actually French, and he writes and sings in many languages. His songs are all original, hugely varied, and go through lots of genres, although mostly alternative rock/progressive.


Veggie Spy & Versatile Vegan

Asparagus At Last!

Some producers have had a little asparagus in recent weeks, but now the floodgates are open and you have multiple vendors to choose from! Many folks eagerly await the brief asparagus season because it is delicious, full of nutrients, and easy to prepare. Asparagus is thought to have originated in the eastern Mediterranean and has been cultivated for over 2,000 years. In addition to being flavorful, asparagus was also prized for its medicinal qualities, especially as an aphrodisiac. So, stock up!

Asparagus plants start slowly and cannot be harvested until their third year. But then they can grow amazingly fast – up to 10 inches a day under ideal conditions! Asparagus is one of those vegetables that tastes much better (i.e., tender and sweet!) when purchased from a local grower shortly after harvesting rather than the supermarket. You can also find dark purple asparagus in addition to the standard green stalks. Some say purple asparagus is a little sweeter, but others disagree. You can try both colors and decide for yourself!

The Versatile Vegan loves roasting garlic and suggests this super easy Lemon Garlic Roasted Asparagus. And you’re also sure to enjoy this Vegan Cream of Asparagus Soup. How about asparagus tacos? Yes, they make a great combination with these Tacos with Refried Cannellini Beans and Asparagus!

Asparagus is available from Anderson Orchards, Gillogly Orchards, Cottage Garden, Somerset, and Toad Hill. Cottage Garden has the purple type as well!

Other Finds

Tilley Farmstead has strawberries. Franklinton Farms has snow peas, broccolini, bok choy, and collards. Cottage Garden has green onions. Toad Hill has Chinese broccoli and rhubarb. Raber Family Organics offerings include kohlrabi and beets. Check out the mushroom variety mixes from Marion Mushrooms. 9N Farm has kohlrabi, arugula, and green garlic.

Get stunning cut flowers from Farmhouse Herbs and Flowers and Mohican Flower Farm. Now is the time to get serious about planting your garden! Several producers offer flowers to plant including Somerset and Cottage Garden. Look to Mayapple Farms and Wild Hare Prairie Natives for native plants. Most vegetable producers have veggie and herb starts for your spring garden, including Rock Dove, 9N Farm, Toad Hill, and Franklinton Farms.

Producers have the following available this week. In some cases, items may sell out before the Market ends.

Apples, Arugula, Asparagus, Beets, Bok Choy, Cabbage Raab, Chives, Collards, Herbs - various, Italian Dandelion Greens, Green Onions, Green Garlic, Kale, Kohlrabi, Lettuce greens & mixes, Microgreens & shoots, Mushrooms – multiple varieties, , Nettle, Parsley, Peas, Radishes, Ramps, Rhubarb, Rosemary, Sorrel, Spinach, Strawberries, Swiss Chard, Turnips.


Looking for Parking for the Farmers Market?

Our friends at Fresh Thyme Market have generously offered the rear (west) portion of their parking lot on Saturdays to Worthington Farmers Market customers. Just park and stroll down High Street. The Market begins just south of 161 on the Southeast and Southwest Village Greens and extends south to the Worthington Post Office. There's plenty to explore along the way!

Please reserve the front portion of the Fresh Thyme parking lot for their shoppers and delivery drivers, as noted on the photo, above.


Made From the Market

Welcome to "Made From the Market" featuring recipes, photos, tips and techniques from customers, vendors, staff and volunteers highlighting the use of seasonal market products and the producers who grow and make them.

Sorry, no recipe submission this week . . . Please share YOUR favorite Made From the Market dishes!

We want to hear from you about what you're cooking and the market products you're using to make healthy and wholesome AND decadent and indulgent dishes for your friends and family!

  • Send us a recipe (your own or link to a published one)

  • Include a photo or two of the finished dish

  • Be sure to identify the market products you used (photos welcome!)

  • No recipe? No problem. A brief description of the overall process is just fine.

  • Include your contact info (email or text preferred)

  • Send to

  • Deadline: By Noon on Wednesdays

  • Publication: Up to 3 submissions each week

So, who's up next? We'd love to hear from you!


Producer News

Batter & Bowl

Our summer Market season is here, and we're excited to welcome back Worthington's own Batter and Bowl! Find these spiced Mexican brownies along with an assortment of homemade bars and decorated cookies in the Graeter's parking lot, Booth #67. And, YES, Sara also offers custom orders for your special occasions!

Blue Jacket Dairy

A carton of colorful eggs will brighten your morning! Our flock of hens is laying some beautiful eggs. They are available in our store and at our farmers' market booths.

Booth #72 in the Graeter's parking lot

The Crazy Cucumber

Preorders are now open. Click on our website and place your order today before 9am on Friday!

The Local Grind

We are taking some much needed time to:

  • grow our garden

  • celebrate the end of a great homeschool year

  • work on our Summer herbal products!

Keep posted for new products you can find on our table this Summer!


BYOWB -- Bring Your Own (Water) Bottle

While visiting the market this Saturday, The Worthington Partnership and The Worthington Partnership Green Team invite you to use the new public water fountain and bottle filling station installed on the Southwest Village Green. It even has a designated fountain/bowl for dogs!

Our team is excited to offer this sustainable resource to help reduce the number of plastic water bottles used in Worthington that add to the landfill.

Thank you to the City of Worthington Government for supporting us on this sustainability project and thank you to The Worthington Partnership Green Team for working so hard to raise the funds to make it happen!

Don't forget to "BYOWB" on Saturday. Bottled water will no longer be sold at the market information booth.


Save the Date!

  • Third Thursday Every Month!

  • Sunday, May 21, 4-5pm

  • Wednesday, May 24, 5:30pm

  • Saturday, June 3, 3-7pm

  • Sunday, June 4, Noon - 5pm

  • Saturday, June 10, 2:30-4:30pm


Pick Up After Your Pooch

Poop, it happens. Follow Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District ‘s program and P.U.P. (Pick Up Poop) then pop the poop in the LANDFILL side of our downtown waste collection bins.

Because poop is a contaminant when it comes to recycle collection. And could lead to the entire recycling collection being sent to the landfill.

But isn’t it natural? Shouldn’t I leave it to fertilize the soil?

Your pet does not eat a natural local diet. Their waste washes into the storm drains and “Dog waste contains nitrogen and phosphorus, which can deplete oxygen that fish and other water-based life need to survive, as well as encourage the growth of harmful algae.

It is also considered a significant source of pathogens like fecal coliform, a disease-causing bacteria” (


The Worthington Farmers Market is an event of The Worthington Partnership.

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